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Frequently featured in the press, Patrica has over 25 years experience, successfully helping thousands of people. 



Patricia has over 25 year's experience in hypnotherapy and first showed an interest in the late 1960’s.  


She has helped thousands of people, initially working for 10 years as a counsellor in the employment industry and then in her own hypnotherapy practice.  


A Graduate of The Silver Institute of Scientific & Clinical Hypnotherapy, California U.S.A.  Having trained with some to the best Hypnotherapy and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) teachers in the world,she takes pride in the fact that the answer to the question asked by 99% of potential clients “Do you think you can help me?…Is usually yes!

Patricia is also the author and Narrator of S.O.S - Stories Overcome Stress.  These downloadable therapeutic stories contain hypnotherapy, subliminal messages and hidden suggestions to help children and adults overcome many issues.
Meet Patricia
Why Naturopathy


It can help 

On the Scales

It is well known that 'slimmers of the year' lose fantastic amounts of weight but the moment they come off their slimming diet, they pile the original weight back on and distressingly, more as well.  Does this sound like you? 

The great news is that you can stop 'slimming'.  Hypnotherapy is all about healthy eating, nothing is prohibited, you simply find yourself reaching for good healthy food.  If you want a chocolate, a cream bun or biscuit etc. you can have one!  There is nothing worse than being told you cannot eat a certain food, because all this does is make you obsess about the forbidden food even more.


It's not what you eat that is really important... it's what's eating you...


Hypnotic gastric bands have been proven to be almost as effective as the real thing.  Clients have reported back amazing results. 


 They simply find themselves feeling full and satisfied after eating far smaller portions.


Airplane Wing

You can relax knowing that the treatment is extremely gentle, you do not have to face your 'phobia' until you are cured, and therefore it is no longer fearful to you. 


Patricia has had many unusual requests including finding out if clients have been abducted by aliens, getting rid of the fear of ticking clocks, used matches and Walt Disney animals.


 “The most common phobias that Patricia helps are fear of flying and spiders, slugs & snails. The quickest time it has taken to help someone with a phobia is ten minutes, and the longest being three sessions, but previously the person could not even say the word snail without bringing on a panic attack!” 

Many people have a fear of flying or going in lifts, but whatever the phobia is, the quickest and most effective way of treating it is either EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or hypnotherapy.  



Providing you genuinely  want to stop smoking (the only requirement from you), then hypnotherapy can offer instant results where other methods have failed.  

After hypnosis, no willpower is required, you simply won't want a cigarette.



canbe helped...



(Fertility Problems and IVF) "Thankyou for your help and contribution to overcome our fertility problems. I would have tried anything after two failed IVF attempts. Without EFT and hypnosis I may not have had my baby girl now. I enclose a picture of her on her Christening day. Once again, thank you." C.

(Fertility Problems and IVF) "Thankyou for your help and contribution to overcome our fertility problems. I would have tried anything after two failed IVF attempts. Without EFT and hypnosis I may not have had my baby girl now. I enclose a picture of her on her Christening day. Once again, thank you." C.



Tobacco holds absolutely no interest to me now, and other peoples smoke simply does not affect me and this from a 30 a day girl! ….. Before visiting you I had smoked 20 cigarettes a day for approximately 20 years and had tried to cut down or stop on many occasions, always failing to do so. After just one consultation with you I am now a proud non smoker and have been for over a year ….. Words alone cannot describe the effect of the fantastic feeling of freedom from smoking after 25 years of bodily abuse. I can now do all the things that I wanted to do…. After several failed attempts at stopping smoking using good old fashioned will power over the 16 years that I smoked I know that without your help I would still be a smoker today… Since the consultation I have neither had nor wanted a cigarette. I have had absolutely no desire for a cigarette and have not suffered any withdrawal symptoms whatsoever ….. I was very sceptical when I came to you and left slightly unconvinced that I had been hypnotised (I felt more as though I’d been given a very good pep talk) but it worked!  

Fear of Flying

 Dear Patricia, Just a quick note to bring you up to speed on my latest challenge. I recently flew to Menorca and managed to handle both the aeroplane and the airport without any problems at all. I remembered all you taught me and I now feel ready for next years flight to the United States which would previously have filled me with dread at the thought of being in a crowded confined space for so long. Thanks again for everything. I now apply the techniques to many of my challenges, logic now replaces panic and stress. Love from a much calmer Tracy.   


"Thank you for helping me overcome my fears, phobias and IBS. I noticed the difference straight away. As I said I always had a fear when going into a church or restaurant I want to run out I feel awful. I was dreading my sons wedding, apart from a little flutter before I left home I was fine, the whole day through and to my surprise I really enjoyed myself" P.


"I can't thank you enough for helping me through a very difficult stage in my life. You were a lifeline to me and helped me cope with terrible anxiety, you gave me hope when I most needed it, thank you so much............... Miss. A

Fear of Childbirth

"Thankyou for helping me overcome my fear of childbirth. Before I came to see you I was scared of what I can only describe as the unknown, the pain of labour, the atmosphere of hospitals and caesarean section all struck fear into me. Using your EFT technique I became more relaxed even to the point where I was actually looking forwards to the birth. I cannot believe that in one half hour my fear rating was reduced from a scary 10 to a calm 0. After a seventeen hour labour I gave birth to a 5lb 13 oz baby boy. I have no hesitation in now recommending you to family, friends and colleagues." V.

Weight & Depression 

"My father told me I was worthless, useless and not fit to be alive, because of this I became worthless, I became introvert and fat.At 37 I developed cancer, my mum looked after me I loved her so much then she became ill this destroyed me inside, she had lung cancer and died. I became very depressed, suicidal I was simply going through the motions of living. Patricia knew that I had more problems but we slowly dealt with each one in turn. I am now a slimish 48 year old, have been offered a new joy, in a new home, my life just gets better and better. I would just like to say thank you Patricia because without your help, kindness and understanding I would probably have committed suicide by now. My advice to anyone suffering like me is give it a go, lets face it you have nothing to loose and everything to gain, it worked for me, believe me try it you won't regret it, I don't!" J.


The Orchards, Lady Lane, Bingley BD16 4AZ  


01274 510773

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